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750mg CBD Nootropic Coffee Blend

750mg CBD Nootropic Coffee Blend

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Our Nootropic CBD Coffee will be sure to give you laser like focus throughout the day providing you ZERO crash, ZERO jitters and gives you an all natural organic way to stay mentally aware and focused throughout your busy day! This is the best CBD nootropic coffee for anyone who wants launch into their day with rocket boosters...not wings.

30 servings and 750mg of CBD in every container will be sure to last you throughout the month and/or longer depending on how often you need your morning pick me up. Each scoop is packed with 25mg of potent CBD and 5g of the all organic proprietary blend.

What makes our nootropic proprietary blend so special? Check out some of the ingredients:

  • Caffeine 180mg - Yes this is a nootropic!
  • L-Theanine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • 5-HTP
  • For an entire list of ingredients please see our articles!

The best tasting coffee comes from the best tasting ingredients. Being an instant coffee doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste. Our nootropic cbd coffee has all organic espresso and columbian beans. 30 servings, easy to make, on the go, best tasting and Nootropics?! All at a price that is way less than your daily store bought coffee habit.

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